Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello from California!

Tanner with President and Sister Becerra
December 4, 2012
December 4, 2012

Hello, Hello, Family!!!

I am alive and well! :)  President Becerra seems like he is going to be a great Mission President. I think he and Dad would get along very well. He has an awesome sense of humor. So, I didn't know that Grandma Christensen helped keep President Becerra's grandfather in the Church. He said that Grandma's area was Pueblo and she helped him stay active or become active again. It's amazing how many overlaps we have in our lives.

The flight was probably the smoothest flight I've been on. An Hermana in my district from the MTC was very kind to talk to me through the whole flight. That helped a lot. So with everything that has happened so far, it's all feeling very right.

In the middle of writing this letter, President Becerra pulled me aside for my first interview. He asked what the best lesson was that I learned in the MTC, and I told him everything I was feeling the last week. Oh...I never told you what I felt in the temple. So, I was praying with all the faith I had, and I asked to feel more faith in my abilities and trust in the Lord. I felt prompted to read D&C 5:10. I'll let you read it. Crazy, crazy, crazy! Then I read D&C 6:33-36 (I think those are the right verses), and then I read my mission scripture (D&C 68:6,8). I was pretty misty-eyed by the end of it. So tying this back to my talk with President Becerra, I told him that I knew I needed to live my life with more trust in the Lord. He said that was a good lesson to have learned because I'll need it. This is going to be very good!

So, first day to this point...It's currently 2:05 local time. We landed at 9:20. We walked out to meet the Becerras. We got all our luggage loaded and headed up to a point on the mountain where you could see almost our entire mission. It was pretty cool, and really smoggy. You'll see in the pictures I took how bad it is. In our mission, there are 6 million people, according to President. There are tons of trees, which is nice, and houses everywhere. No concentrations here and there, but just packed everywhere.

So from the mountain, we went to the mission office. We took a quick tour and then some pictures. (I think you'll be getting some of them.) The office is smaller than the one in Texas, but it is still nice. Then we had lunch. Panda Express! Oh...ya...real food. It was awesome! I forgot how much I like that goodness. Then we got some very general training...intro on bikes, and cars, and money cards.

And now, I'm writing this letter. :)  And wait, it's going to get better. From here, I'M TAKING A NAP FOR 2 HOURS. OH...YES!!

So, good night family. :)

Elder Tanner Christensen

p.s. For now, just send all mail to the mission office. Zone Leaders are in the office at least weekly, Once I know my address, I'll give it to you just in case something's going on.

p.p.s. I LOVE YOU!

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