Monday, January 14, 2013

Transfer Week

Hello friends and family.  Today marks the day of a new transfer.  And my area is...drum roll please...staying the same!  Super stoked about that.  Elder Flores and I will be here for at least 5 more weeks.  This transfer is one week shorter for some reason.  Thank you to Dad, Emmy, Mom, and the Jakins for the letters this week.  It's always good to hear from you. 

I hear it has been pretty nasty cold up there.  If it helps you feel any better, I haven't worn long sleeves in 3 weeks.  Haha.  That's slightly misleading, because I have to wear a coat every night.  It dips all the way into the 40s at night.  Last Pday was awesome.  I learned how to make carne asada, salsa verde, salsa rojo, a running guacamole, and tortillas.  So much fun.  We bought all the stuff to do it all on our own today.  Hopefully that will go as well as it did on Monday.

This week was so good with Rosa and Raul.  So she doesn't have her papers, and I guess you need papers to get married civilly.  Rosa also works on Sundays, so she hasn't been able to attend church yet.  So that's all the bad news.  Now all the good news.  Thursday, they both came to the weekly ward activities.  This was the first time that they got to meet the people from the ward other than the people that we have brought to lessons.  I think it went really well.  Friday morning they made us breakfast.  We had eggs and some of the best pancakes I have ever had.  Saturday afternoon we were able to go to the Temple Visitor's Center with them.  During the video describing eternal families, Rosa started crying.  They sure have an amazing understanding of everything.  For example, we asked them why they thought that Christ was baptized if he was already pure.  Answer:  To set an example for us.  They then went on to think out loud a little bit and said something along the lines of: "So we were both baptized as babies.  But if baptism is to wipe away sins, then it doesn't make sense to baptize a baby, right?"  Elder Flores and I are constantly in shock during the lessons with them.  As I mentioned before, being sealed in the temple is their end goal.  Oh, and Raul wants me to baptize him!  And Rosa wants Elder Flores to baptize her.  There is such a sweet spirit around them.  I know that the road to their baptism won't be an easy one, but they are definitely on the right track.

Little funny story of the week.  I was kinda stressed out one night with all the things that I want to accomplish that I don't have time for.  There were also some things going on that depended on other people.  As I was talking about what I was feeling in the car, Elder Flores said, "No worries, God's got it covered."  Then I responded, "What makes you say that?"  He pauses for a second, and says, "that bumper sticker."  I turn to see this bumper sticker and I started laughing hysterically.  It was just the comic relief I needed.  And it's true, "No worries, God's got it covered"  It seems like all of my studies this week have tied back to "Trust in the Lord" in some way or another.  Scripture share for this week: Mosiah 23:20-24, Mosiah 24:13-15.

Love you all so much.  If you are reading this message, that means you are on the computer.  If you are on the computer, that also means you probably could spare 10 min to read in the Book of Mormon.  So once you are done reading this, go read in the Book of Mormon for 10 min.  It will be worth it.

Vayan con Dios

Elder Tanner Christensen

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