Monday, March 18, 2013

No Longer a Teenager

Hello family and friends.  Thank you to everybody for all the birthday wishes.  It feels so weird not being a teenager anymore.  You know how everybody says, "I don't feel that different."  Well for me, this birthday I kind of did feel different.  It was strange.  Anyway, thank you to G&G K, Emily, and Mom for the letters.  And thanks to the Martins and my family for the packages!  They were so fantastic!  Since when can Maryn write!  That was so adorable!
So this week was pretty dang good.  Let's jump right in.  There is this guy named Francisco that I first met in December.  I felt good about him from the first time I met him.  We have been stopping by once every week or two to set something up, and he was always busy.  And not like "no, I'm busy," but he was legitimately busy.  So this week, we FINALLY had a lesson with him.  We talked for about 2 min, and then he opened up out of the middle of nowhere how God saved his life.  He isn't attending a church right now, but he was raised Catholic.  We have a return appointment on Friday.  During that lesson, I felt almost as good about him as I did during our first lesson with Raul and Rosy.  It was fantastic.
There is a guy named Arturo that we started teaching.  We left him a Book of Mormon, and for some odd reason, we didn't leave him anything to read.  We were embarrassed about that one.  He started reading in the Book of Mormon at the Introduction and he read the testimonies of the witnesses.  He understood so much of it.  He has two jobs right now, so he is unable to attend church, but we'll work on that one.  He says, "asi es jovenes" a lot and for some reason it makes me laugh inside. ("asi es jovenes" = that's how it is young ones")
Raul, Rosy, and Armando all have broken cars.  Kind of a bummer.  They didn't come to church because of that.  Other than that, there isn't anything super new EXCEPT...alright this is a good one:  Raul's sister is a member (I think I mentioned that forever ago) but she's inactive.  The name of the Elder that past by all the time in Mexico to teach the family?  ELDER TANNER!  WHAT?  I freaked out a little bit when I heard that.  They now know my first name and we all kind of freaked out together.  Maybe that's kind of like a "last will be first and first will be last" kind of thing.  Ah, gospel humor...
Things are looking up a lot.  The 6 missionaries in my ward got together and talked with the Bishop yesterday. It was incredible.  I really hope I'm around next transfer to see all the cool stuff we have planned happen.
So ya, other than this stuff, nothing is incredibly new and exciting.  The work goes on.
Scripture of the week: D&C 84:106, and I hope you are all reading in the Book of Mormon daily.

Elder Christensen 

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