Monday, December 9, 2013

We're Both Staying--Super Stoked!!

Hey family and friends.  So we had transfer calls and WE BOTH ARE STAYING!!!  Super stoked about that.  I hear there's been a lot of snow in Utah.  Boy, I miss it.  It's been pretty cold here.  I had to go buy a thicker blanket today.
So this week, we didn't have a lot happen because both Elder Febbo and I were sick.  Nevertheless, there was still some awesome stuff that's been so much better doing the 20-minute lessons with only one commitment.  We feel the spirit way more often in our lessons.
First, remember how we had that awesome experience with Oralia last week?  Well she didn't go to church after having that insane experience, so we addressed that this week.  We helped her realize that doesn't happen to everyone and that God is really trying to tell her that's where she should be.  So this week she came to church with her husband (who's already on-board with everything) and her kids. During passing of the sacrament, she started bawling again. This wasn't her first time at church, but everything has changed since that one experience. To add to that, her husband had a dream that essentially told him he couldn't enter into God's kingdom until he's baptized. God really wants this family in the church. It's awesome to see this happening.
Leticia got confirmed and is doing pretty well.  She asked me to confirm her, so that was cool.  We are trying to get the rest of the family going as well. 
Hilario didn't come to church because he was doing something with his son, but we had an awesome lesson about the Book of Mormon with him.  He's the definition of a prepared investigator.  It's insane.  Not really sure how to put it all into words without taking forever, so we'll just say he's prepared.
Love you all and have an awesome week!
Elder Christensen
PS I'm in Alma right now and just got to Alma 26 when Ammon is talking about everything they've accomplished.  So inspiring!

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