Monday, May 19, 2014

Game Changer

Hello family and friends. Ready for this? Game changer...I got TRANSFERRED! That makes my third "emergency" transfer (transferred at a time other than regular transfers) to fulfill some kind of need in the mission (for brevity, I will refer to it as ET).

So let's look at my history for a second. I started my mission in the Bel 2 Ward (East LA). After 4 months, I got ETed to the Fletcher Ward (Glendale) to open a new area with Elder Smith. After 7 months, I got ETed to the Arroyo Ward (Lincoln Heights) to fill the empty spot left by the death of one of our missionaries. After 4 months, I got a normal transfer to the Pomona Ward (Pomona). And now, after about 2 months, I got ETed to the San Gabriel Ward (San Gabriel) to fill the empty spot left by an elder who went home early for medical reasons. San Gabriel is back in the East Los Angeles Stake. Now, wait for this one...My companion? Elder FEBBO! Now just as a refresher, Elder Febbo and I were companions for 3 months when we were in the Arroyo Ward (Lincoln Heights). I have been in this area since Thursday morning and Elder Febbo leaves for home at the end of this week (normal transfer time). I will have had a total of 10 days to learn the area and everything. We've been having a lot of fun.

We are focusing on two different families. Two of the daughters of one of the families came to church for the first time yesterday. They are pretty awesome. There is a pretty similar feel in my new area as there was in Lincoln Heights. Like Lincoln Heights, it's a part of the mission that hadn't been touched very much.

Sorry I don't have tons of time. Thanks for all your love and prayers!

Elder Christensen

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