Friday, October 26, 2012

Week 3 Update

Hello once again.  This week seemed to go by quicker than the others.  I think that I may be getting into the groove. Thank you to Emmy, Kris and Mark, Vanessa W, Tara F, Eve S, Jessica S, and Johnny L for your letters!  They really brighten up my day.  Especially when I am the elder sifting through all the mail for my district, it's really exciting to see one for me!  I have written you all responses and will be mailing them this afternoon.  And thank you to Sister Jakins for the candy.  As always, they were taken care of quickly :)
So yesterday I twisted my ankle pretty bad in basketball.  I am able to walk on it fine, but this morning it's a bit swollen.  Hopefully it's just a sprain and nothing too serious.  If it's still bugging me in a few more days I'll have it checked.  So now I'm going to need to figure out what to do during PE.  Ya, kinda bummed about it.
Congrats to Eve Smith on your mission call!  And congrats to Tara Franklin and Jessica Stone having your papers in.  If there is anybody else that is working on papers or receives a call PLEASE LET ME KNOW!  The age change is still a hot topic around here.  You probably heard this already (I may have told you all), but when the announcement on the age change was made there was a huge roar in the room where all the missionaries were watching conference.  It's super exciting to be in the middle of all these glorious events.  In the district, whenever we have a friend (particularly Sisters) that are working on papers, we share it with the district and the Hermanas (Sisters) are always very excited about it.  So again, please let me know if there are any new developments.
Oh, and for people that are mailing me through DearElder, it is a little difficult to figure out the return address with how they format stuff, so if you could write out your address in the letter, that would make my life easier.
So they have this thing once a week when we teach members of the Church in Spanish.  We have done that twice now and every time it has gone very well.  For whatever reason, we are always much more calm and confident going into those meetings with members.  We'll need to find some way to bring that same confidence into our regular investigator discussions.
So we have two "investigators" right now.  We have talked to both about baptism, and Angel has said "Tengo muchos pecados" (I have many sins) and Rancho has said "he ya bautisado" grammar may be off...(I have already been baptized)  So we are trying to figure out what we need to do to get around those issues.  It has been really good practice.  I am so bad at asking questions.  In examples the teachers give, they make it look so easy, and I definitely struggle with it.  Work in progress.
Everything is going well in here.  Everybody should go on a mission.  You will grow a lot and you will change peoples lives and their eternal destiny.  This work is very important.  We are helping God fulfill His work and glory.  I'm so happy to be here and I'm grateful I'm just getting started.
God be with you till we meet again,
Elder Tanner Christensen
Scripture Share (these will be redundant for those receiving letters):
- Alma 26:12
- Mosiah 4:6-9

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