Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Week 61 in California

(Monday, February 3, 2014)

Hello family and friends!

This week was another good one.  There were some ups and downs, but everything turned out all right.  Rocio's son is not interested in continuing to learn.  We still aren't sure why, but we, including his mom, were pretty sad about all that.  We are going to be having a baptism this upcoming week for the Contreras family.  We will then be having another baptism the following week for Evelin.  I don't think I've talked about her.  Her records got lost. Her husband is a recent convert and he will be re-baptizing her.  It's a pretty cool story.

The Garcia family is still having a hard time finding a new apartment.  We can tell that they are starting to freak out a little bit, and we feel like we are stressing them out a little when we come over, so we are giving them a little bit of space for the next 2 weeks, then we'll jump back in.  We'll drop by once or twice this week and just see if there's anything we can do to help.

We are teaching a few other awesome people.  We aren't quite sure how far they are going to go yet, so stay tuned.

So I have some good news for Mom.  I finally have found an OTC medicine for my headaches!  Excedrin Tension Headaches.  I was reading something that the mission nurse sent out about headaches and I found out that the majority of the headaches I get are intense tension headaches.  This document mentioned this OTC so I went to Target. They were out of the Excedrin brand so I got the Target brand, and it has worked wonders.  Hopefully it will work for you too.

So some cool news, we got our iPads this week.  We don't have wifi in our apartment complex so there is a lot that is pretty frustrating. The Gospel Library app has failed me every personal study I've had since I got the iPad. Each time, wifi was required to fix it. Hopefully a better solution will come soon.  I personally prefer the paper solutions to the iPad solution without internet.  Fun fact, the Missionary Department tried Skyping us while we were receiving our training.  The employee on the other end?  Chris Randall, my stake president.  I don't know if he saw me in the group, but that was really cool to see him.  Next week, Elder Evans (uncle Pete's brother)
of the Seventy and Steven Allen will be coming to watch one of the training sessions we'll be doing.  I have a suspicion that President will choose Elder Blanchard and I to do the training that day.  We'll see how that goes.

In my studies this morning, I found something that's pretty cool.  But first, some background info:

Lehi - Patriarch   <==>  Joseph Smith Sr. - First Patriarch of 7th dispensation
Nephi - Prophet/King  <==>    Joseph Smith Jr. - Prophet with Political Power
Mosiah I - Exodus   <==>  Brigham Young - Exodus of early Saints
King Benjamin - Discourse on Atonement   <==>   John Taylor - Atonement
Mosiah II - Political Changes   <==>    Wilford Woodruff -Political Manifesto
Alma - Wars & Missionary Work <==> Series of Wars throughout the 1900s
Helaman - Gadianton Robbers   <==> Terrorism, including an attack in
the main part of the land that nobody thought was vulnerable
3 Nephi - Christ Comes Peace Commences
4 Nephi - End of PeaceMormon/Moroni - End of Civilization

"The Book of Mormon is the Patriarchal Blessing of this Dispensation."
-Lee Donaldson

So now with that backdrop, I read 3 Nephi 2-5.  There is a lot of stuff in there that seems to me like a foreshadowing of the saints going to the New Jerusalem.  Specifically, check out 3 Nephi 3:22-25.

Sorry for being so scattered in my thoughts this week.  But lastly and most importantly, congrats to Elder Johnny Liao on his mission call!! You'll be fantastic!

Love and kindness,
Elder Christensen

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