Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Wedding and Baptism!!

Hey family and friends.  Another week here in Pomona.  Still having a rough time adjusting, but we feel like we have a little bit more direction now.  Historically, this has been a ward that does really well with member referrals.  I think that there is a lot that could happen doing that.  Anything before 5 o'clock is pretty hard. Everyone has a normal, consistent work schedule here.  That alone is a big change.  Those who have jobs and families are generally much more established here than they are in LA.  I think that means a greater potential for real growth.

So, we have been able to use Facebook for awhile now.  To this point, what we have seen is there are two groups of missionaries: the group that gets on Facebook and wastes an hour of their day not doing much good, and the group that isn't sure how to use Facebook effectively so they have kinda stopped using it.  I definitely have fallen into the 2nd group. This week, we got an updated packet of instructions for Facebook.  As I was reading it, I could feel the huge potential that could come from Facebook.  So we are going to be going through the suggestions more thoroughly and see what we can get to happen.  As far as I know, nobody has had a baptism from Facebook proselyting yet, but I think that there is definitely potential there.

The Lopez family is doing super well.  They decided that they want to get married!  We brought President on a lesson with them on TuesdayHe helped them see that they didn't need to have this massive wedding.  He explained that this wedding is to be able to follow God's commandments.  The wedding in a year is the REAL one to celebrate. So ya, they're ready to go.  He hooked us up with a guy that is willing to help recent converts get clothes for church.  They were super excited to be able to blend in when they go to church.  The 11-year-old had apparently been talking to his mom a lot about looking like a missionary. So we are going to be having a wedding on Friday and then their baptism on Sunday. They are super cool and super prepared.  The ward has been awesome in helping get everything ready. There are just a few small strings to tie up before Friday.

So for the last few months, I have had an ongoing study on grace. This week, I'm going to type it up and that will be a major part of my letter next week.  It has been a super cool process to go through and learn about this topic.

Thanks for everything!  Keep praying for the Lopez family.  I'll try to get caught up with pictures next week too.

Love and kindness,
Elder Christensen


  • Tanner mentioned that he'll be going to the temple with the Mission Leadership Council and President Becerra next week. He is so excited to be able to attend with his President.
  • The 11-year-old Lopez boy is already talking about how badly he wants to go on a mission! Tanner's going to give him a "Future Missionary" badge.
  • Tanner mentioned in his letter last week that he wanted to try going gluten free. Well, he tried it and found that it's not so easy in an "uncontrolled" environment. It was also creating more problems with his hypoglycemia. He's decided it'll be better to wait until he is home, where he can learn more about it and control what his meals comprise. (smart boy!)  :)

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