Monday, June 9, 2014

Week 79

Hello family and friends.  So this week there wasn't anything super flashy, but we did see paced progress of the area and our investigators.

Santiago is still doing awesome.  We now have the Elders Quorum President in on the whole process as his fellowshipper".  He's doing an awesome job.  Santiago is still going strong.  We'll be moving up his date for the end of this month.  It is such a cool story! Love it.  He lives with his brother and he told us that he has been sharing with him everything that we have been talking about. Due to a mismatch in schedules, we haven't had a chance to talk with him, but we will this week for sure.

The Lopez family is also doing pretty well. The son, Brian still hasn't been able to go to church. He had to work again yesterday. The mom's interest is fading quickly. That makes us worry a bit for the long-run progress of the 10-year-old Jackie. But ya, they're doing okay.

Health this week was a bit of an issue. I think it's a matter of not getting enough water. Looking back on my mission, I have been blessed to not have any big health issues along the way, just a few constant annoyances. I'll be headed to the chiropractor again this week to help with the headaches.

Miracle this week: we were waiting for our ride to church and this guy pokes his head out the window and said (in Spanish) "hey elders, are you waiting for a ride to church? Who's coming to pick you up? Cool, is there room for me?" Turns out that he is a member of the neighboring ward (even though he lives inside this ward's boundaries). So he went to church with us and after the services we think he told bishop that he is going to keep coming back.  We currently have 5 or 6 active elders, so we need all the help we can get. He and Santiago hit it off really well also, so hopefully it ends up working out.

Sorry, this week's letter is a short one. Elder Vasquez is still awesome. We are getting along super well.

Have an awesome week!

Elder Christensen

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