Monday, June 30, 2014

Week 82 in Cali

Hey hey family! So this week was pretty interesting.  I think the tough things outweighed the super awesome. However, it was still cool.  We had a decent end of the week.

First off, I would just like to express my gratitude to whatever team beat Mexico in the World Cup (Netherlands? I don't know...)  It was super annoying how much that got in the way of church attendance. Additionally, it was super annoying to hear updates on the game being shared around the hallways in between classes at church. So hopefully the craziness will get dialed back a little bit.

So tomorrow is President Becerra's last day.  It's weird how it doesn't feel like he's leaving.  I feel like I'm going to be at meetings still expecting him to walk in just to see President Villanueva instead.  My dad has had a chance to talk with him a bit at the MTC during Mission President's Seminar.  He said that he's awesome.  I'm not sure when I'll have a chance to meet him for the first time, but I believe we are on schedule to have interviews this upcoming transfer.  In related news, we get transfer calls this week. I'm pretty sure I'll be staying.  Not sure about my companion.  We'll see how it goes.

As of a few weeks ago, we were supposed to have 2 or 3 baptisms yesterday.  Unfortunately we had to move all of them back.  There was a lot of little junk that happened this week.  It was hard to watch everything happen this week.  It looks like they will all still be good, but it will take another month or so.  We found a lady, Mia, this week who also ended up being our only investigator at church, but then we found out she just moved two blocks outside our ward. Luckily, that area is covered by sister missionaries and I think that sisters will be better for her.

Cool story, I told you all that I spoke last week?  Well this week was Ward Conference and I had a part again. The Stake President asked me to present the Ward Mission Plan to help the members understand what their role was in everything.  The District Leader and I made the presentation and we felt like they were all the most attentive during our part. We felt good about it.

So ya, this week we need to find a lot more. I'll let y'all know what happens with transfers. Love you all, so much!

Elder Christensen

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