Monday, August 4, 2014

Week 87

Hey family and friends.  I have very little time today.  Sorry!

So this week we found two super awesome people.  First, Baldomero's wife Lourdes is awesome! We found out her mom is a member.  She said that every time she sees the missionaries she remembers her mom telling her that she should talk to us.  Baldomero is now being straight forward with us and said that at the moment, he doesn't feel the desire.  We are still working with them.  Hopefully Baldomero will come around.

The second awesome lady we met is named Sandra. She was baptized as a baptist when she was younger then fell away a bit.  She wants to get closer to God and found the sister missionaries. Since she speaks Spanish, they referred her to us.  She is super prepared.  All of the assumptions she has made over the years about what church should be were totally spot on.  It was sweet.

Love you all!  Sorry for how short the letter was!

Elder Christensen

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