Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Yoking Ourselves with Christ

Hey family and friends. This week we had another lesson with Sandra and we were able to start teaching her boyfriend, Alonso.  He is super cool.

Sorry, time is super short.  We didn't really find anybody new this week.  We are still having a tough time finding new people.  Our whole district is full of solid missionaries and we are all having a hard time.  We are trying to figure out what's up.

We need to push Nancy's baptism back a bit again.  Her church attendance has been a little hit-and-miss. Hopefully we will be able to get her little sister ready to be baptized the same day!

Sorry, if I have already shared this, but here it is anyway.  I still have been thinking about this a lot. In one of my personal studies recently, I studied about the Atonement, grace, and covenants.  From Elder Bednar's talk this last conference, he said something along the lines of "when we make and keep sacred covenants, we yoke ourselves to and with Christ."  When we yoke ourselves to and with Christ, he then helps carry our burdens.  I remember early in the mission I had the question of what I needed to do to receive of the enabling power of the Atonement.  All we have to do is be faithful to the covenants we have already made.  I'm not really sure why that never clicked in my mind before, but it's so simple.  Elder Smith (old companion) told me that focusing on keeping his covenants is what has helped him make it strong to the end.  He goes home next week.  We have transfers this next week.  I don't expect any changes, but we'll see.

Love you all!

Elder Christensen

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