Monday, February 25, 2013

End of Week 12 in Cali

Hello family and friends.  Thank you to Mom, Dad, and Emmy for your emails, and thank you to Tara for your letter!  I am definitely behind on the responses to letters.  Preparation days are way more busy than I expected.  Know that I absolutely love getting your letters and I send you all my love!

So before we get into the business of the week, I thought that it would be cool to return to the topic of food for a second.  So this week, I had the first experience where food beat me.  Couldn't keep it down.  We were given goat to eat.  Tasted pretty good, but it just did not sit well at all.  So there's that.  But now, the strangest thing that I have eaten thus far on my mission: juerito tostadas.  Translated and interpreted: raw pig skin cut up into about 1/4 inch strips with lettuce and beans.  It was admittedly a little scary.  I didn't really understand what it was until after I ate it.  Description: consistency of gummy worms, and it didn't taste like much.  One of the other Elders in my district was sitting right next to me as we were eating it.  His face was priceless throughout the whole meal.  Just like, "what am I going to do?"  Good times.

Armando.  I don't really know where to go from here.  We did find out this week that he is not legally divorced.  So that is probably why the miracles were being held back when we were pleading for them.  So I guess that's the next step.  He already knows everything that he needs to know, we just need to get this stuff worked out.

Raul and Rosy.  They never cease to amaze me.  I think they will be passing me up on the spiritual scale very soon.  In our "lessons" we kinda just sit there and lightly direct the conversation and they just teach themselves.  The Book of Mormon is powerful.  We are still waiting for her papers to be worked out.  Hopefully that will come soon!

We have been visiting with some inactives this week.  There is a recent convert of ours, Jaime, that has fallen back into his drinking habit and I think he is starting to lose hope in himself.  He is another one of those guys that knows everything already, he just needs to act.

We have also been having a hard time finding people to teach, so we have started to go by some formers.  Particularly, we were going by the ones that had drop notes that were along the lines of, "really hard to find" or "busy all the time."  We met some really cool people and hopefully something will come of that this week.  If I may, I would love to petition for your prayers on the behalf of our finding.  We have kind of had a tough week with that.  But we have some awesome plans for this week, so hopefully it will pick up.

This week we have Zone Conference.  It should be super great considering one of the topics is Finding.  We really need it.  President Becerra is the perfect mission president for me.  His personality reminds me of Dad a lot.  Takes business seriously, but ready to crack a joke at any second.  Awesome stuff.

Elder Bennett and I are getting along really well.  We laugh a lot.  We are still working out unity during teaching, but we are well on our way.  We both are feeling like this might be our only transfer together, so we are trying to make the most of the time we've got.  

Thank you for all your prayers family and friends.  It sounds like my "friends" reading audience is getting smaller and smaller.  Congrats to all my friends in the MTC (not that they would be reading this).  The mission is the best thing that could happen to me.  I hope that none of you will recognize me once I get back.  (and not just because I probably will be up a few pounds)  I love you all.  For scriptures this week, I would recommend to read Alma 47.  It's the story of Amalickiah and Lehonti.  It teaches some important principles about temptation and how the devil works with our mind.  Don't fall into the trap that Lehonti did.

Love and kindness,
Elder Tanner Christensen

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