Monday, February 11, 2013

Week 10--A Great Week!!

Hello family and friends, in case you haven't seen the picture already that is attached with this blog, this week was a good one.  Janet (and we found out it's actually spelled Jeaneth, but it sounds the same in Spanish) got baptized this week and she asked me to baptize her.  It was such a sweet experience.  More on that in a second.  Thank you to Gioia R, Megan W, Ali H, Mom and Emmy for your letters this week!  This week I'm going to make an extra effort to set aside some time for letters because I am very behind.  Disculpenme, tengan paciencia.
So the baptismal service was super great.  We had seven nonmembers there (closer to twelve if you count kids under the age of 8).  Her inactive mom and inactive sister gave the prayers.  Her sister has a nonmember boyfriend that came to the baptism so hopefully we will be talking with him soon.  We were hoping for more people to show up, but I think that she liked that there weren't tons of people there.  It was a really cool experience.  Elder Park was able to make it.  He was able to be one of the witnesses.  While I was changing, they had a little testimony meeting and he bore his testimony in Spanish! (He got moved to English work after being with us for 2 weeks)  His new trainer is from Mexico and currently serving in English work so hopefully they are still working on Spanish.  I wish I could have heard his testimony, though.  Cool experience.
We had a good talk with Raul and Rosa (found out she prefers Rosy, so she will be referred to as Rosy from now on).  It looks like Raul and Rosy will keep living together until she can get the necessary documents.  Kind of a bummer that there is that delay, but they are still growing so fast.  We talked to them about prophets and General Conference and they wanted a copy of the Liahona to read.  The best part of the talk with them is that they said the first time they talked with the Elders, they didn't really feel it, but for some reason with Elder Flores and me they knew that this was the right thing.  That really helped me feel like I'm here for a reason.  It was cool.
Armando is now having some document issues, but nothing like Rosy.  There is a chance we will have to move the baptism back a week or two for them to get married first.  He brought up a little worry this week.  The way he phrased it really made us laugh inside. "Yo respeto la agua mucho."  I don't know if it has a different connotation in Spanish, but translating it to English in my head first made me laugh.
All is well here.  We will find out on Saturday 16th if we are being transferred or not, so don't put anything in the mail with my apartment's address later than Tuesday 12th until further notice.  Love you all so much.  I've been studying a lot recently about the steps to become what we want to become.  It's a really cool topic to study.
Have a great week and read the Book of Mormon, because according to Raul and Rosy it changes lives.  So believe them if you don't believe me.
Elder Tanner Christensen

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