Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Week 22 in California

Hello family and friends.  Thank you to Dad for the letters this week and a huge thank you to the family for the package!  The Apple Beer was definitely my favorite part.  And the district had a fun time messing around a bit with the mini sombreros and mini maracas.  Pictures have been taken.
So there isn't anything crazy awesome to report this week.  I was sick on and off all week and I also had a pretty bad sugar drop that kinda made my levels unstable for a few days.  I'm almost back to normal.
We picked up two of the children of a current investigator.  One of the children is Carlos, the guy we gave a blessing to that was having anxiety problems.  I think that blessing was about 2 weeks ago.  I think I mentioned that in an email.  Most of our lesson was focused on the sister that feels like her prayers for a new job and a better life aren't being answered.  We talked about faith and trust a lot and she very willingly set a return appointment with us.
We have been working with this guy named Jaime recently.  We were told by previous missionaries that he is excommunicated, but Jaime has no idea.  He can't remember if he was ever baptized, ever got the Holy Ghost, or any of that.  He, nor his family, was on any of our lists, so we asked the Bishop to find his family's records.  We are getting the feeling like he wasn't ever excommunicated, and that his records may just be lost.  Hopefully we will find out what's going on soon so we know what the next step is with him.
Unfortunately, we didn't have any investigators in church this week.  We were pretty sure we were going to be able to get a few and they were either super sick or slept in too long.  We'll get them next week.
Now, on the fun side, I went to a seafood buffet in Glendale called Osaka.  Holy cow, it was good.  Mom and Dad, add it to the list of things to do.  I ate so much sushi, so much crab, and so much lobster.  Taylor, if you're reading this, I finally have tried sushi with eel on it.  It's probably my favorite now.  Then yesterday, I ate a dried ant thing that was the size of a bee.  Apparently it's common to grind those up and put them in salsa.
Elder Smith and I are still doing awesome.  All my companions have been fantastic examples and great missionaries, but I think I'm definitely having the most fun here with Elder Smith.  We find out this upcoming Saturday if we are staying or not, so I'll report during our Skype call this week.  So stoked for that!  It looks like I will be calling about 6:00 your time.  It could be as early as 5:00 your time, so be near the phone and computer :)  
Just to warn you, I am now up 30 lbs from the MTC.  I have actually lost a bit of weight in this area.  I'm trying out this new thing of only eating when I'm hungry.  Interesting, right?
Love you all so much, and I'll see you on Sunday!  (I just got to say "see you."  SWEET!)
Elder Tanner Christensen

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