Monday, April 29, 2013

A Week of Miracles

Hello family and friends.  This week was so awesome!  Thank you to everybody for the emails.  I really look forward to that every week.  So, I don't have much time today, so I'll jump straight in.

Christina, the lady that came up to us crying?  She is so cool!  She started crying while reading the introduction to the Book of Mormon.  That has never happened to me before.  She came to church this week and absolutely loved it.  The bishop's wife picked her up for church and was really good to her.  Apparently the talk in sacrament meeting that mentioned tithing made her want to pay tithing.  It looks like she's golden.  We only had a chance to teach her once this past week, but we'll try to get two or three this upcoming week.

Before I was transferred here, Elder Smith contacted a guy named Henry.  He said that he felt super good about him from the very beginning.  We have set a few appointments with him in the past and he flaked out on all of them.  This past week as we were walking, we turned the corner and there was Henry right in front of us.  We set up an appointment in the park so his son could play on the playground as we talked.  We were treating this kind of as a "do or die" appointment because of all the other appointments he flaked out on.  So we get to the park on time, and we start waiting.  And waiting.  And waiting.  It came time that we called the other elders to come grab us and our bikes to be able to get to a meeting.  Right as the elders pulled up, Henry pulled up.  He apologized for being late, we sent the other elders on their way, then had one of the coolest first lessons ever!  He talked to the missionaries in Las Vegas before moving to LA.  We talked about the Restoration and HE brought up wanting to be baptized.  It was unreal.  [For anybody that has seen the District 2 videos, he REALLY reminded me of German (hair-MAHN)].  I'm really glad we gave him another chance.

We finally got a baptismal date!  We have been working with this part-member family where the husband has been inactive for over 10 years, so he doesn't remember much about church.  We committed his wife to be baptized and we also committed him to get ready to be able to baptize her (once again, for anybody that has seen the District 2 videos, this family reminds me a lot of the Robles family).  Then, they didn't come to church and we were really confused.  So we ride our bikes to their house and she was telling us that she didn't feel comfortable going to church without a dress.  We felt dumb for not explaining church a little better.  Their 1-year-old daughter had also been sick.  We gave the daughter a blessing, then as we were about to leave, she asked us for a blessing.  She, apparently, has been having really bad headaches recently.  I gave the blessing and I felt the impression to basically command her to be healed.  I asked her how she felt after the blessing, and she said during the blessing, at one moment it felt like a stabbing pain coming all of the sudden, then everything went completely away!  I have never had a blessing like that.  We then talked a little bit more about the priesthood to help her understand the authority and power that has been restored.  The Priesthood is real!

Thank you all for all your prayers this week.  We had a really good week on finding, and we didn't do anything to deserve it.  They all really just dropped in our laps.  Thank you for all your support.  I hope you all are keeping up in your Book of Mormon reading.

Elder Christensen

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