Monday, April 1, 2013

Week 17 in Sunny California

Hello family and friends. We had transfer calls this week and I am...STAYING!! But there was a bit of a change. Elder Bennett is staying as well and we got a third missionary, Elder McIlwain. It looks like it will be an interesting one. He kinda reminds me of Matt Smith from Doctor Who, if any of you know who that is. He's been out 3 months longer than I have. Looks like it will be a good one.

HUGE THANK YOU to my family for the package. That was such a thoughtful package! I absolutely loved the bratzlies and I am trying to make them last as long as possible. I am absolutely loving the talks, and I am so stoked that you found the "Character of Christ" audio! Thank you so much!! And Emmy, thanks for the things that you sent. I definitely got a good laugh out of that.

So I don't really know what to share right now. There hasn't been anything incredibly out of the ordinary this week. Raul and Rosy are still doing great. Armando is still wanting to wait for some reason. Finding is coming along bit by bit

Kind of a bummer. This week, Pedro said that he didn't invite us over because he wanted to change religions. He said that he is not ready to come to church. However, he is reading the Book of Mormon faster than any investigator I've had. He's had a Book of Mormon for five or six days and he's in 1 Ne 14. So I'm not really sure what to think about him. We'll keep dropping by to see if he's willing to change.

The weather has been fantastic. I'm still loving the food. Oh, I'm not sure if I told you this already. A few weeks ago, I ate about a quarter of an habanero. I was absolutely crying. I was like worried that something was wrong with me. Looking back, it was hilarious. All the Latinos here say that you need to eat chile to get good at Spanish, so that may be why I'm feeling confident about my Spanish recently. Right now I am understanding about 90% of everything that's being said and I feel like I can say about 60% of what I want to. It's getting better bit by bit.

Sorry that this is a shorter letter. I love you all. If you haven't already, Google "Character of Christ" by Elder Bednar. He gave the talk at BYU Idaho in 2003, and it will change your life as you apply the things he taught. I love you all so much. I hope to hear from you all soon.

Elder Christensen

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