Monday, April 8, 2013

Week 18--6 months

Hello family and friends.  Thank you to Sister Stone for the letter, and Mom, Emmy, Kerrs, G&G Christensen, Hermana Franklin, and Josh for the emails.  I feel your love everyday and thank you for all your prayers.

I have no idea how I'm already 1/4 of the way done with my mission.  I feel like I'm still just learning to walk.  It's time to kick it into the next gear.

Elder Bennett and I are still doing awesome.  Elder McIlwain kinda jumped in with a "let's change everything" attitude, so this week was a lot of balancing.  He helped us realize that we need to do better at talking to more people so we aren't just cycling through the same 25 people over and over again.  That was definitely a realization we needed.  Nothing awesome has happened as a result yet, but we're getting there.

How fantastic was conference!?  I didn't have one talk that was "this talk is 100% for you" but there were so many fantastic talks.  President Uchtdorf's Sunday morning talk was probably my favorite.  I definitely have to study the rest of them to capture all that was going on.  Elder Cardon's and Elder Porter's were both fantastic as well.  Okay, they were all great.  I've never been more excited for a conference.  I hope the family get together for conference was a good one.  I missed out hearing all your insights.

Raul and Rosy loved conference.  Raul's nephew that's a member is falling away from the church a bit, so he loved all those talks about how to rescue those that are falling away from the church.  And Rosy liked President Monson's comment at the very end about treating those of other religions.  No developments in their papers, but we're still praying.

Sad news:  Pedro dropped us.  That's the first time in my mission that this has happened.  I'm still kinda confused about it all.  He read to 1 Ne 17 in about a week.  He lives in Raul and Rosy's building and they see him all the time, so maybe their awesomeness can transfer to Pedro through some kind of spiritual osmosis.  I'll try to figure out how we can make that happen.

We have worked stuff out so that literally nothing is impeding Armando's baptism and marriage.  We had a very direct talk to figure out what was going on and he said that he doesn't feel strong enough yet.  We are helping him refocus on prayer and the Book of Mormon.  He ended up selling his broken car, so we'll have to figure out how we can help him in that regard.  He wasn't able to attend any conference and he didn't have any other means to watch it, but there are some talks we'll be giving him.

This week I read in Ether 12.  Such a great chapter.  There were two things that I never realized before.  In one of the verses, it said that grace (which the BD defines as "the enabling power of the Atonement) leads to charity.  I thought that was super interesting.  Also, in the last verse, it said that grace is something that doesn't just come and go, but can abide in us forever.  I thought that was super cool.  We all need divine help, and the Lord is ready to give it.

I love you all so much, and hope that you have a fantastic week.

Elder Tanner Christensen

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