Monday, April 15, 2013

New Area!!!

Hello hello family and friends.  If you didn't notice the subject line, I'm in a new area!  I got moved mid-transfer to the Flether South area.  It is about 5 miles northwest of my old area, but it is SOOO different.  My last area felt like Mexico, and this area definitely feels like California.  A lot more white people here.  And a lot of Armenians, and Asian as well.  Of the three areas in our ward, we have the second highest concentration of Latinos.  There's one area specifically that feels a lot like my old area, so that's nice.  My new companion is Elder Smith, and I got to know him in the MTC.  He has been out here 6 weeks longer than I have.  He's from a small town in Idaho named Salmon.  Oh, and the best part of all of this?  We are starting a new area!!!  It's been tough, but Elder Smith has made it so much fun!  He was here in the Fletcher ward last transfer, and they split his area.  EVERYTHING they had went to the other area.  We inherited 1 investigator and some pretty old formers.  The ward is no where as strong as Bel 2, so we are working a lot to strengthen the ward.  We are trying to visit everybody in the ward in our area, and we are finding a lot of part-member families along the way.  We have a few potentials with set appointments for this upcoming week, and they seem pretty solid.  My new district is awesome!  I have met all of them (except the missionaries in training) before.  I think I was starting to feel a little too comfortable over in Bel 2, so this change will be a good one.  Other area info:  We have Dodger's Stadium, Chinatown, and Echo Park (a lot of gay communities) within our area.  If you want to look on the map, we have everything south of the LA river, and north and east of Sunset Blvd.  I don't remember what the border is on the east.  But to put it into perspective, Chinatown is in the southeast corner of our area.
Now the only two negatives about the change:  1) I didn't get to say bye to anybody (but Raul emailed me this week, so that was awesome) and 2) we live a 30-min bike ride from the beginning of our area, and an hour bike ride from the far side.  We alternate who has the car every other week.  We had bike this week, so I've been sleeping much better.  The Zone leader is going to try to make the car permanently ours, but until then, it's helping us be really smart about planning.  I'm super stoked to be here, and Elder Smith will help the transition a lot.
So now all that's out of the way.  Haha.  Ya, it's been a crazy week.  Thank you for all the emails: Mom, Dad, Raul, Sister Jakins, Elder Evans, Elder Wheatley, Hermana Franklin, and G&G Christensen.  The computers at the library here have a one hour limit, so please keep emails brief and please don't feel offended if I don't respond.  I love hearing from you all so much!!!
This week, I found a really cool scripture in Romans 12:1-3.  It took me a few readings to understand it, but it's a good one.  Also, I finished the Book of Mormon this week.  My favorite scriptures from this read through were Helaman 3:35, and Moroni 10:(last three verses.  Don't remember the numbers) I love you all so much, and I appreciate your prayers very much!
Elder Tanner Christensen

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