Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 38 in Cali (Week 47 overall)

Hey everybody. 
Unfortunately, I don't have a lot to share about this week in particular.  It was, admittedly, pretty tough.  We switched to bus this week.  We tried bike the first day, but it was pretty bad.  Elder Marchan started having some crazy joint and muscle pain.  Elder Smith and I would ride back to our area (at our fastest) in 25 min and it took me and Elder Marchan 80 min.  So we'll probably be sticking with bus.  I learned this week that I have to get way, way better at planning.  We missed a lot of buses by just a few minutes, which cost us 20-30 min each time.  Because of our difficulties with transportation, it was a lot harder to get the drop-in-when-they're-usually-home lessons.  Finding was pretty rough, too.  This next week, we are going to be a lot better at talking to everyone.  I found out people are not used to talking while they're on the bus.  Looks like it throws them off pretty bad. 
Elder Marchan and I are getting along okay. I need to find a way we can start laughing.  We're having a tough time getting on the same page.  I'm still working hard to get him pumped about the work.  We are teaching a family that reminds him of his family, so hopefully that will spark something.
I've been having a super awesome study about the Atonement recently.  So we've all been taught that we need faith and repentance to have access to the Atonement, right?  This week, I was diving into questions like, "why does it have to be that way?" "How is it possible that mercy overpowers justice (why does that work / why is that sufficient)?" "How are the fall and the atonement linked?", etc.  It's helped me gain a greater appreciation for what Amulek called, "the great and last sacrifice."  Here are some helpful chapters that I've found: 2 Ne 2, Alma 34, Alma 11, Alma 42, D&C 19, D&C 45:3-5.  I'd highly recommend going into this stuff and studying it.  President McConkie said, in his final talk, (paraphrasing) "The Atonement is the most important, least understood doctrine that we have."  It's been pretty cool.  I've come to realize how perfect the Plan is and how it can't work any other way.
Love you all, and have a great week.  Thank you for all your prayers.
Elder Christensen

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