Monday, July 14, 2014

Week 84

Hello family and friends, this week was a very interesting one.  So, my companion's name is Elder Bardsley. He's from Wisconsin.  He was placed in the advanced Spanish program, so he went to the Provo MTC. He probably should have been in intermediate, but we'll work with that.  He likes video games, anime, soccer, and a little bit of tennis.  He's pretty quiet and he is used to the cold, not the heat. Based on the lessons we have had so far, he can explain things very simply and he speaks with a lot of sincerity.  This week, we were hoping for tons of miracles and I was hoping to be able to get him started off with a great first week.  However, it ended up being one of the most difficult weeks I have had in a long time.

Just as an indicator of how our week went, we had 10 lessons set between Saturday and Sunday alone.  It was looking to be super awesome, then a total of 0 of those set lessons happened.  I know that there is a reason for everything.  We have a pretty well planned day today, so we should start this week off right.  I mentioned last week that I was thinking a lot about things I learned from training Elder Marchan.  Looking back, I tried to teach him everything all at once. I think I wasn't very patient in letting him learn at his own pace. I've been trying really hard to figure out where the balance is with this companion.  He was kind of frustrated about how this week went. We really need some miracles this next week.

Santiago is still struggling.  He cancelled or rescheduled 3 of our 4 lessons we scheduled this week.  We are not really sure what he needs or why he keeps cancelling.  He told us that the weekends are his most tempting times when his friends want to go out and party.  We have a plan to get the members more involved in helping him.  We have the idea of making a support crew and have somebody from "the crew" call him everyday to keep him focused.  As soon as he drops this addiction, he'll be super solid.

Nancy is going to Mexico this week.  Two super cool things that she said this week: 1) "Hey, in the meeting with all the women they were talking about cleaning the chapel.  I want to get involved in stuff like that." (I haven't heard that one from an investigator ever before.) And 2) after we asked, "what are your thoughts on baptism?" She responded, "Well why would I still be talking to you guys if I didn't want to get baptized?"  For a while we were a little bit worried about her commitment, but she has been progressing bit by bit and is looking really strong.

We picked up 2 investigators this week.  We had really cool experiences with both of them in the first lessons, and they have been really hard to get a hold of since then.  We'll keep trying. 

This next week, we have some stuff set up already that should be pretty good.  Oh, more good news, I've mentioned that I have been struggling with being so tired recently, right?  Not sure what it is, but ever since I found out that I was going to train, I have felt so much better.  I thank you all for the prayers that played a major role in that!!

Love you all!

Elder Christensen

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