Monday, July 21, 2014

Week 85

Hello family and friends.  First, I want to thank Mom for the package of goodies! You're awesome!

Nancy is currently in Mexico.  The lesson that we had with her the night before she left was super cool.  I can't remember if I mentioned this idea, but we are trying to help her get in touch with the missionaries in Mexico while she is there so that they can start visiting her family there.  When we shared the idea with her, she was pretty excited by it.  Once she landed in Guadalajara, she said that they drove past one of our church buildings there and it was pretty close to where she was staying.  We haven't heard yet whether or not she went to church, but it sounded like she was going to.  She is starting to announce to her family that she is getting baptized and everyone has been pretty supportive so far.

We'll probably stop working with Santiago for a little bit.  He told his member fellowshipper that he isn't interested in meeting with us till he has his drinking problem under control.  We tried explaining to him multiple times that God is what will make the biggest difference, but he hasn't been willing to do those things that will make a difference. He enrolled in AA and the course he's taking lasts 90 days.  We'll be checking in every now and again to see if he wants us to come back.

Elder Bardsley is doing a lot better this week.  Walking up to people and talking with them has still been a little tough for him, so we'll work on that more this week.

This next week we have a meeting for all the new missionaries and we also have interviews, so we will get to have a lot of time with President Villanueva this week.  I've been a huge fan so far.  I'm interested in seeing what things he'll want to do a little bit differently.  I wonder how many of those changes will be put into place before I leave.

Love you all so much.  I hope to be able to tell you a ton of awesome stories about the new people we will find this week!

Elder Christensen

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